Eric Partaker, Co-Founder & Brand Evangelist. Eric grew up in Chicago where he fell in love with both Mexican food and the hospitality industry. He helped pay his way through school with various restaurant and bar jobs and graduated from the University of Illinois with a Finance degree in 1999. Before Chilango Eric worked together with Dan at Skype in London. He was also a consultant with McKinsey & Company where he learned how to make the most amazing PowerPoint presentations the world has ever seen. Eric’s obsessed with setting direction and strategy while making sure every aspect of Chilango shines as vibrantly as possible.

Dan Houghton, Co-Founder & Burrito Mathematician. Dan has a first class degree in Mathematics from Cambridge University – and although Eric might have the finance degree he can’t compete with Dan’s mathematical genius. Dan used to work at Skype with Eric. Before that he worked in mobile marketing and content and was the founder of TextMagic, an online text messaging service. These days he’s full-time at Chilango of course, acquiring and opening new restaurants, reviewing the numbers, the finer detail of the food and operating systems, and generally making sure the wheels don’t come off.

Luis Castro, Food Quality. Luis is a California native and attended the University of California at Santa Barbara. He joined us in our quest just 3 months after our first restaurant opened and has been making sure we deliver a stampede of Mexican flavours ever since. Luis has worked with food all his life – from his very first job working with a fruit and veg retailer, to working with dairy farmers, and then food quality assurance and food manufacturing. Aside from making sure our food maintains its high-quality at large scale Luis also heads up food development at Chilango. He also buys our forks.

Shannon McKenzie, Operations. Shannon joined Chilango in February 2009 as a crew member in our Fleet Street restaurant and quickly worked her way up through the ranks. Now Shannon oversees the operations of our restaurants and the people that run them – making sure that Chilango remains home to a vibrant, happy family, aligned in our mission to brighten up the days of our guests, while serving the best burritos on the planet. If Shannon’s not in the UK there’s a good chance she’ll be visiting her awesome family in Cape Town, South Africa.