Just like us, they’re passionate about Chilango and believe they can help us achieve our vision.

Building a world-class company and brand takes a world-class group of people. We’re fortunate to have the support and advice of investors that have done it before. As members of our Advisory Board the below investors help us think through strategic decisions and assist us in developing everything from our human resources to financial systems. As investors, just like us, they’re passionate about Chilango and believe they can help us achieve our vision.

We’re always on the look-out for like-minded, passionate, ambitious people who share our vision for Chilango. If you’d like to chat about joining us in our quest we’d love to hear from you.Please direct any enquiries to Eric Partaker at eric@chilango.co.uk

“Chilango is in the enviable position of leading London’s rapidly growing market for fast Mexican food with a solid base of restaurants, and a passionate and loyal following. Having done much of the ‘heavy lifting’ to get to this point the opportunities for growth are now really starting to materialise.”

David Haimes, Former MD of Itsu, Investor and Operations Director of Chilango

“Chilango is one of a new breed of businesses where the owners understand that to be successful it takes more than good food and capital, it take vision and leadership that can be communicated to the staff (and therefore to Chilango’s guests) in a modern and honest way. Chilango’s culture and values run down from the founders to the staff in how they run and deliver their unique experience. Most importantly the team at Chilango listen and learn quickly ensuring that even mistakes can be turned into better business practices and guest experiences.”

Don Henshall, Former CEO, Krispy Kreme UK, current CEO of Farrow & Ball

“Why Chilango? Simple. They have a winning combination of a powerful and colourful brand, a clear and compelling proposition, and a passion for high quality food. There isn’t a tastier burrito around or a cooler place to enjoy it. Over the years I’ve watched Chilango go from strength to strength. They’re leading the Mexican Revolution… and the future is bright.”

Laurie Morgan, Former VP of Marketing and Board Director, McDonald’s UK

“It’s not every day that you come across a food brand where the vibrancy and buzz of their establishments is more than matched by the vibrancy and boldness of the flavours of their food. That’s what first attracted me to find out more about Chilango. But what sold me was the queue out the door. Chilango combines the qualities of a proven model with the edginess of a vibrant, contemporary and urban brand and has considerable potential for growth. The Burrito Bond is yet more evidence that Chilango is leading innovation in the sector”