chilango in a single word?

We exist to brighten up peoples’ days and we’re looking for vibrant personalities that want to join us in our quest.

They say a picture speaks a thousand words. But sometimes it’s the words that speak for themselves. We’ve painted a vivid description of the future we’re working towards… and it sounds like this:

“Chilango is a way of life. We inspire. We empower. We change lives for the better. We help our people become the best they can be, both professionally and personally. Our people grow and develop through our leadership programs and life skills academy, and have the opportunity to become “owners” of their own restaurants.They dream big and enjoy life to the fullest. They come to work because they love it. And we know this because they tell us. We have the best people because everyone wants to work for us. We’re innovators. We’re flavour hunters. We take chances that others won’t. We have raving fans and outstanding partners around the world that love the brand as much as we do. Our guests think we serve the best Mexican food they’ve ever tasted. They feel so happy about their positive experience, and connect so much with the brand, they tell everyone to come. They even buy the t-shirts. They know we are the leaders. They know we’re Number 1. We brighten up the days of everyone we touch. You feel the vibrancy in every single restaurant. You feel the positive energy from every single person.”

If that sounds like a culture you want to be a part of, and help build, we’d love to hear from you. Please click on the career button to apply.